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Drilling Perofrmance has the capability to cater to wide range of services in the Upstream sector such as On-shore Drilling & Workover for Oil, Gas & Water, Cementing, Mud Logging, Fracturing, Well Testing, Onshore Pipeline Construction, Onshore Oil & Gas Facilities, Drilling Fluids, etc.


Drilling Perofrmance is an integrated drilling contractor providing a complete range of services in oil and gas well drilling and workover.
Drilling Perofrmance applies the most advanced techniques constantly paying attention to research and development as well as to investments in drilling rig population upgrade and its equipment with state-of-the-art machines and techniques.

Drilling Fluids

The professional drilling fluid research & development & technical service department. Drilling Perofrmance has year's of service experience in the drilling fluids field.
Drilling Perofrmance has strong abilities in drilling fluid research and technical service.

Oil And Gas Construction

Drilling Perofrmance has proven expertise and experience in oil and gas field surface construction, petroleum and petrochemical engineering, long-distance pipeline construction and marine engineering & construction etc.

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Drilling Perofrmance has tremendous experience and a commitment to Efficiency, Capability and Integrity. Our sights are set on a bold future - One built with purpose and backed with the world's most technologically advanced offshore drilling operations.

Our unwavering focus on safety, quality and customer satisfaction are testaments to the hard work and dedication of our employees.

Our core purpose is to provide responsible solutions that deliver energy to the world. We provide innovative solutions and aim to deliver excellence in everything that we do.

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