About us

About us

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Drilling Perofrmance has tremendous experience and a commitment to Efficiency, Capability and Integrity. Our sights are set on a bold future - One built with purpose and backed with the world's most technologically advanced offshore drilling operations.

Our unwavering focus on safety, quality and customer satisfaction are testaments to the hard work and dedication of our employees.

Our core purpose is to provide responsible solutions that deliver energy to the world. We provide innovative solutions and aim to deliver excellence in everything that we do.


Why people choose us:

We are responsible

We take ownership in our jobs,ensure complete and timely project deliverables.

Reasonable prices

We are efficiently economical without compromising on quality.

Great Team Support

24 x 7 support to all our esteemed clients.

Our history

Drilling Performance was initiated by Group of Companies with the sole aim to diversify the current business model and expand its strength of vast knowledge, expertise, experience, due diligence in Innovative technologies to facilitate Oil and Gas Drilling and Contracting Industry.

Drilling Performance in partnership with Foreign Technological Entities has put in motion a unique local presence which has enabled it to serve ever-increasing demanding markets inside Saudi Arabia.

The Mission

We will enhance our technical capabilities and corporate agility to ensure sustainable growth while conforming to our business conduct principles.

The Vision

To be a market leader by achieving Operational Excellence, HSE Perfection, Sustainable Opportunity, Financial Success.